Benjamin Jurgensen

Everyday The Same

Everyday The Same
mdf, epoxy, paint
Everyday The Same (Same Again)
mdf, epoxy, paint


The Remaining Cyan
paper pulp, extruded polymer, uv printed styrene, silver leaf, paint
Caravan Girih
pine, cotton rope, brass
acrylic, uv printed and vacuum formed styrene, paint
Double Rainbow Condensed
galvanized steel, mdf, uv printed and vacuum formed styrene, canned condensed milk, paint
Rentier State
extruded polymer, concrete
Arab Spring
epoxy, paint
maple, pigmented epoxy

Made in Qatar

Male Torso
galvanized steel, astro turf, extruded polymer
Endless Column
galvanized steel, tissue boxes

Eternal September

Installation View
mdf, polystyrene foam, epoxy, acrylic & enamel paint
mdf, enamel paint
Eternal September
mdf, polystyrene foam, abs, epoxy, paper clay, acrylic & enamel paint
Case Mod for Rory / Alexis
mdf, epoxy, acrylic paint

Don't Ready to Die Anymore

Installation View
the new white flight flat packs, affectionless, despondent, twenty-two and never free
mdf, paint, used copy of "Fibromyalgia for Dummies"
nine fourteen ninety-six, above the rim on vhs served as reference
mdf, limestone, bandanna, paint
life after death, ninety-six, woulda stayed fine had diddy been a better father figure
mdf, vinyl, plastic crown, paint
shadows only cast if comic book courage amounts to anything more than tattered sheets and exploded ankles
mdf, steel, paint
put we to your ear and hear yesteryear’s ocean, mute affairs, mortarboards, merman graduate shit
mdf, pine, rope, paint
every-ting crash
mdf, pine, polystyrene foam, epoxy, paint, steel, 4 dozen eggs

Conscious Inaction

mdf, wood, paint
mdf, wood, paint
mdf, wood, paint